A Practical Guide to Ballstriking Improvement

You’re here because you wanted to learn how to improve your game, but I removed the product that helped you do that. Bummer.

Well, I didn’t do it to make you mad. I did it because here at The DIY Golfer, I want all of my training to be the best of the best, which means I’ve got to keep things updated. I’m currently working on some epic resources to help golfers who are in the dumps with their games.

You can leave now because this page is not all that useful to you.


You could let me know why you came here in the first place so I can incorporate it into future products. What’s going on in your golf game right now? Struggling with the short game? Long game? Mental game? Let me know below, or shoot me an email: thediygolfer@gmail.com. I read every email!