Polymer Putter Refinish (very durable)

If you are refinishing a carbon steel putter, there is a good chance you will start seeing some rust on it after several weeks.  But if you coat the putter with a polymer finish, you’ll not only eliminate the rust, but you’ll have a professional looking, scratch resistant putter!

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Carbon Steel Black Oxide Finish

As an easier, cheaper alternative to a polymer refinish, you can keep the rust away from your carbon steel putters by using a black oxide.  I think applying a light coating followed by a gentle beadblasting looks great!

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Stainless Steel Black Oxide Finish

If you have ever tried to apply a black oxide coating to a Scotty Cameron, you will notice that it doesn’t do much.  That is because stainless steel requires a special chemical to achieve the black oxide finish as shown in this post.

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Torching a Putter

When metal gets hot, it changes colors.  We can use this to our advantage and achieve remarkable finishes on any putter with the use of a propane torch.

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