The Waggle

Some might call me excessive for including an entire post on such a tiny movement like the waggle.  But from my experience, the trigger that starts your golf swing is a make or break component.  Welcome to the world of waggles.

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One-Piece vs. Right-Arm Takeaway

Options options options.  What is the best way to take the club back in the golf swing?  Did you even know there were multiple methods of doing so?  In this chapter of the backswing, we will be talking about the motion that gets everything started.

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The Mid-Backswing

When I started analyzed my swing on video for the first time, I had a general idea where my club should be in various parts of the swing, but there was one section that nobody seemed to have the answer to.  The mid-backswing is that “in-between” phase of the backswing that nobody seems to talk about.

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Top of the Backswing

Some of my favorite golf photos of all time are the ones where a professional has been photographed at the top of their swing.  There is something about that perfectly “on-plane” position that all golfers strive for.  Unfortunately, these photos have set a precendent that many golfers can’t and shouldn’t try to achieve.  Find out why in this post.

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Curing the Over-the-top move: The Transition

Recalling my own beginnings in golf and watching others struggle with the over-the-top move like I did, I’m starting to think we were not born to play golf well.  Eliminating the over-the-top move can be extremely frustrating, and fixing it does not start with the upper body.

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