What is Clubmaking?

Many golfers waste too much money getting work done on their clubs at the store. Take matters into your own hands and save some money on that next re-gripping!

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Steel vs. Graphite Shafts

Not only does understanding the difference between steel and graphite shafts help you decide which is best for you; it also has implications in clubmaking.

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How to measure the length of a golf club

In this post, I will show you the proper way to measure the length of your golf club whether a driver or a putter.

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How to Clean Golf Grips

There is nothing worse for your game than old, dirty golf grips. Not only does it feel terrible; it substantially affects your performance!

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How to Save a Golf Grip the Cheap Way

Golf grips are expensive. Instead of cutting all your grips off, you can save them and your money!

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