Eyeline Putting Mirror: The Tour's favorite putting aid?

Last updated Jul 11, 2023

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I genuinely believe that every golfer needs a putting aid. Putting is already tough, so let's make sure you have your eyes over the ball and hit your putts with a square putter face.

Let's dive in and see how the Eyeline Putting Mirror can help YOUR game.

TL;DR What's the Verdict?

It's a buy!

I think the Eyeline Putting Mirror is an excellent way to improve your putting and drop your scores quickly. Simple, high-quality, and effective!

Ease of use10 / 10
Versatility10 / 10
Portability8.5 / 10
Effectiveness9.5 / 10
Carrying case9.5 / 10

Pros and Cons


  • Improves eye alignment over ball
  • Used by the pros (Rickie Fowler, etc.)
  • Fits in bag
  • Can do Tiger's Gate Drill


  • Gates harder to use indoors

How the Eyeline Putting Mirror Works

Using the Eyeline Putting Mirror is simple.

  1. Aim the center line of the mirror towards the apex of the putt (your starting line)
  2. Place two tees in your desired difficulty on either side of the ball
  3. Place a ball in the small indentation between the alignment lines
  4. Keep your head down and stroke a great putt!
  5. Adjust the alignment until you start making the putts

Do you need a putting aid?

For newer golfers, you might be wondering, "Why on earth would I spend my money to buy a training aid that helps with the most BORING part of my golf game?"

The simple answer is this: making just a few extra putts per round will drop your handicap faster than any other strategy.

When looking at various putting aids, my #1 objective is to find something simple. I want a tool that I can quickly set up and get good feedback from.

How does the Eyeline Putting Mirror help your golf game?

So... Why you'd ever spend your money on a piece of plastic like this?

With just a few minutes of practice, 2-3x per week, this tool will transform your putting and make you both confident and consistent on the greens.

Improves your eye alignment and position

The primary goal of the Eyeline Putting Mirror is to... Get your eyes over the ball. Duhh!!

But... Why does this matter?

Because when you're putting, having your eyes directly over or slightly inside the golf ball. allows you to swing your putter on a more consistent arc and strike your putts more solidly.

Improves your putting strokes

With optional "gates" (two tees) you can place in the device, you can train your stroke with instant feedback.

Tiger has sworn by this drill for years!

How to use the Eyeline Putting Mirror

Step 1: Aim the Eyeline Putting Mirror

To get you started, I suggest finding a straight putt of about 4-6 feet. This will allow you to get comfortable with the device.

Later on, you can move back to what I consider the "optimal" practice routine, which includes:

  1. 10-foot straight putts
  2. 10-foot, moderate left-to-right breaking putts
  3. 10-foot, moderate right-to-left breaking putts

Step 2: Square your putter face and eyes over the ball

Here are two keys to think about before you hit the putt:

  1. Check that your eyes are directly over or slightly inside the center line
  2. Your putter face is square with the red line

Step 3: Putt a great stroke on it, keep your head down

Especially if you use the tee gates, it is important to keep your head down to make sure you put a good stroke on it!

Quick tips for using the Eyeline Putting Mirror

  • Try placing tees in the holes at the end of the Eyeline Mirror and do Tiger's "gate drill". This is an effective way to ensure you are hitting the center of the putter which will improve your distance control.
  • When I putt with the Eyeline, I focus on keeping my head down on all putts.
  • Always start your practice with a straight, 5-10 foot putt. This will calibrate your brain to what a straight putt with a square putter face alignment looks like.
  • Practice a short, accelerating stroke by placing a tee at the back of the Eyeline Mirror and hitting 3-5 foot putts. This will train you to have a short backstroke and prevent deceleration, a common cause of poor putting.

Who uses the Eyeline Putting Mirror?

The most notable player I've found on tour that uses the Eyeline Putting Mirror is Rickie Fowler.

In addition, I have personally seen tons of collegiate golfers use this training aid.

What type of golfers would benefit from the Eyeline Putting Mirror?

I think this aid is great for golfers of all skill levels.

While it's not the most exciting part of the game to work on, improving your putting is a fast way to drop your handicap and getting your eyes centered over the ball is a great way to achieve that!

What are some alternative putting aids to the Eyeline Putting Mirror?

The closest alternative to the Eyeline Putting Mirror is the Pelz Putting Tutor (my favorite), followed by a cheaper version called the GoSports Putting Alignment Set.

A less common alternative includes the Wellstroke Putting Mat, which I personally find a bit complicated, but achieves a similar result and could be great for some golfers!

FAQs about the Eyeline Putting Mirror

What is the base made of?

The Eyeline Putting Mirror is made of a shiny plastic, NOT glass. You don't have to worry about it breaking in your bag!

Will this fit in my golf bag?

Yes, this will fit in the large pocket of your golf bag, but is slightly larger than other putting plate training aids.

Does it come with a holding case?

Yes, it comes with a holding case.

Does it come with instructions?

Yes, and you can find great tutorials on Eyeline's YouTube account. Here's a getting started video.

What are the dimensions of the plate?

The plate is 6" wide and 12" long.

What is a putting plate?

A "putting plate" is a general category of putting training aids where you place a plate on the green and get immediate feedback on your eye alignment and putting stroke.

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