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Last updated Jun 02, 2023

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Zone Golf is a slightly different type of mental book than most.  Kelly Sullivan Walden created this work as a way to train the average person the technique of self hypnosis for peak sport performance.  She has recorded several audio scripts that come on the accompanying CD.  These scripts are great to listen to before bed, and allow you to practice the art of visualization.  Each chapter explains and prepares you for the following audio script.  If you follow Walden's recommendations, you will do a new script every other day (with occasional breaks for reevaluation) for 28 days.  Personally, I can't sit in one spot and visualize intentionally for an extended period of time.  With this book and audio scripts, I am able to focus on my visualization for the 10-15 minutes that each script lasts.

**If you don't want to purchase the book new, or you prefer listening to your own voice, you can record the scripts yourself.  The scripts are printed at the end of each section.

The book is organized in a clear manner, but it helps to understand the overall purpose before starting.  Below, I will take you through each section of the book (sometimes there are multiple audio scripts for each part):

Preliminary- before she begins with the chapters regarding the individual audio scripts, Walden briefly explains what hypnotherapy is, why it isn't a hoax, and how it can benefit you in all areas of your life.

  1. Visioning- the first segment of the book probes you to expand your imagination of what you thought was previously possible for your golf game.  After you have written down where you think you could be in the future, you will then listen to the audio script that accompanies it.
  2. Goal Setting- the second segment of the book helps you to set goals for your game based on your "vision," and the audio script helps you to visualize those goals clearly to make them stick.
  3. Taming your inner critic and going subconscious- the third part of the book and the accompanying audio script helps you to manage critical thoughts that you may have of yourself on the golf course.
  4. Anchors- the fifth part of the book shows you how to form positive "anchors" in your mind.  An anchor is the thoughts and feelings we get in association with a stimulus.   (Ex: when I go to the grocery store, I feel happy because I am getting food)
  5. Synchronization- the sixth part of the book helps you feel "one" with yourself on and off the golf course.
  6. Your Golf Playlist- believe it or not, Walden even goes into instruction on how to create a music playlist to play better golf.  She lists some recommendations of individual songs, but I personally don't feel that these songs help me like she suggests.  I personalized my playlist to a more upbeat style.
  7. Emulate a Pro- the eighth part of the book is a script that helps you visualize your favorite professional golfer, and become synchronized with this golfer.
  8. Win Before the Round Starts- the next part of the book shows you how to visualize yourself winning before ever stepping foot on the golf course, and shows you how to get in the "zone" on command.
  9. Going from Mediocre to Great- this part focuses on changing your mind from a complaint state to a thriving state.  It is a mindset shifting portion of the book.
  10. Hacking the Subconscious Mind During Sleep- the eleventh part of the book gives you some strategies for improving your self beliefs during your sleep, and also helps you come up with affirmations for the daytime.
  11. Staying Calm through Adversity- this last part helps you to fight through adversity, and eliminate emotional reactions to bad outcomes

I really enjoyed this program, and I hope you do too!

Here is the print version of the book.  At the end of the print version, there is a link that gives you some extra audio scripts!

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