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Gain consistency in your game

Your Break 90 Toolbox

This course is the full package. It is not for the faint of heart and will require hard work. Are you ready for the challenge?

18+ Hours of video instruction

I've recorded over 18 hours of video explaining the details of the golf swing that nobody else does. You are going to learn to become your own coach.

Detailed lesson notes

Watching videos can be time consuming, which is why I've distilled each lesson in an easy-to-digest text format. Most students benefit from watching the videos once and refering the text later!

Drill Library

To help you practice, I have filmed a handful of drills to keep you sharp. These are the EXACT drills I used as a D1 collegiate golfer to shoot a career best, bogey-free 64 from the tips!


Hundreds of students have taken Break 90 in 90 Days

“Before I took the Break 90 course I was shooting around 95 to 100 on my home course, a regulation par 72, 69.0/122 course. This is a course that I have played for 15 years. I felt that I should be better than that so I invested in the Break 90 course. Now a year later I am routinely breaking 90 and score in the 83 to 85 range most of the time.”

Terry Martin

“I can unreservedly recommend this course to all Club Golfers, it is a goldmine of useful information. You will be surprised by its breadth and will undoubtedly come away much more informed, and confident to approach your game (and practice), armed with the strategy and tools to ‘coach yourself’ towards better more enjoyable golf.”

Pete R.

“I cannot thank you enough for the DIY Break 90 course. Over the 3 months I've been working with the system, I find myself making much more solid contact on a consistent basis. Up and downs are coming more easily. And I actually feel comfortable getting off the tee.”

Marc K.

“I really enjoyed the Break 90 course and appreciate all the effort put into it. It has increased my knowledge of the golf swing and given me the confidence to know what I need to work on and the most efficient ways to do so. I really enjoyed the drills on putting which helped my game almost instantly.”

Matt S.

“Out of the 25 strokes that I have shaved off my average round, the easiest ones came from the mental game. Never did I think course management, round focuses, routine and a few rules would have such a huge impact on my score.”

Miguel Q.

“I would recommend your program to anyone who is serious about their golf, and willing to invest time on working on their swing.”

Richard J.

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Frequently asked questions

What is this course about?

Introducing... Break 90 in 90 Days

You know that saying...

A bad day on the course is better than a day at work

I‘ve never really loved that line because if you ask me, I‘d rather sit in an office than fight the urge to break my putter over my knee all day. I guess it depends on what day job you have.

Regardless, wouldn‘t you prefer to eliminate the frustration altogether?

No golfer can eliminate bad golf shots entirely, but if you understand the golf swing and have a system to work from, you can reduce those agonizing rounds filled with chunks, tops, shanks, and blowup holes dramatically.

Instead of feeling lost and helpless out there, you can use your bad rounds as constructive feedback and learn from them. You can diagnose and fix problems before they get bad.

Why Golf Instruction is so Expensive

Forbes published a study in 2018 that estimates in the U.S. alone, the game of golf supports 1.9 million jobs and over $58 Billion in annual compensation.

Golf instruction is just a small portion of this total, but is by no means a “small“ industry.

A single, hour-long golf lesson can cost upwards of $200 depending on the instructor, and that is just one hour! Most golfers will purchase multiple lessons per year, and continue purchasing lessons ad infinitum.

I get it. If you can afford it, in-person lessons with a great instructor is an awesome way to get outside, enjoy the weather, and improve your game. But for most golfers, paying $50 for an 18 hole round is plenty of money to spend in a week.

Golf lessons are expensive for two reasons.

  1. Golf is hard
  2. The golf industry tries to convince you that the golf swing is too complicated to learn on your own (it‘s not)

You pull one lever down and another goes up. Ever wonder why your swing feels different from day to day?

Taking golf lessons can be effective in the early stages and the elite stages of the game. But there is an “in-between period“ that many golfers go through; a period where you get stuck and can‘t seem to make forward progress.

The golf store is distracting.

What if all the shiny clubs, fancy training aids, and endless drills were simply a distraction from what we are really trying to achieve in this game?

What if I told you that you could break 90 with a used set of clubs, a single training aid, 3 short game drills, and a smartphone camera?

If you really think about it, why would a golf instructor explain everything he/she knows about golf to you as the student? If he/she did that, there would be no more students to teach.

The more convinced you are that golf is an untameable beast, the more lessons you are willing to take.

I‘m here to change that mentality.

I wasted 2 years practicing the wrong things

If I had to do everything over again, there is one thing that I would change.

Instead of constantly diagnosing and “fixing“ my swing flaws, I would have learned the cause and effect relationships in the golf swing first, and then started playing “golf doctor“.

Years ago, my golf improvement looked something like this:


I would fix one part of my swing to discover the next day that I had broken another part.

Fix my takeaway, break my transition.

Start making short putts, start blowing lag putts 10 feet past the hole.

Fix my driver swing, mess up my wedge play.

The cycle was endless.

You can avoid this endless cycle

The fact that you‘re here means you have already started beating this cycle that most golfers go through.

There is a way to improve your golf game without praying to the golf gods for lucky bounces, favorable winds, and good lies.

Unfortunately, the answer is not glamorous, and it is not overly complex like you may be used to seeing in this industry.

My goal at The DIY Golfer is to keep things real and simple. There is no need to buy multiple training aids, go through a different swing drill each day, or purchase Scotty Cameron‘s latest putter release (although I am a sucker for those putters!).

If you want to put an end to the blowup holes, fat chip shots, and lack of consistency out there, you need a plan moving forward.

You need to focus in on the few things that actually matter in golf.

This is how you break 90 consistently

If you can put a check by all the following boxes, you don‘t need this course. You are already doing things right.

  • I film and analyze my swing from the DTL and FO view
  • I maintain a geometrically flat left wrist through impact
  • I can aim my putter dead center of the cup on a straight, 10 foot putt without assistance
  • I have a repeatable and trustable pre-shot routine
  • I practice the short game more than my long game

Chances are, you probably don‘t check all the boxes. I certainly didn‘t, and I have yet to meet a mid-to-high handicap golfer who does (and even some low handicappers!).

In the Break 90 in 90 days course, my goal is not to perfect every part of your game.My goal for you is twofold:

  1. I want you practicing more efficiently on the things that actually matter
  2. I want you to learn why the golf swing behaves like it does

But I don‘t have 7 days a week to practice

I get it.

You have a job, a family, a dog, and way too many leaves to clean out of the gutter this weekend.

Fortunately, breaking 90 consistently is very different from breaking 70 consistently. It does not require you to practice every day of the week.

But it does require you to make excellent use of the time that you do have, and that is where the Break 90 in 90 Days course comes in.

During this course, you will get a short lesson (5-20 minutes) each weekday, and I will give you some quick and easy exercises to do during the busy week.

On the weekend, it is your job to get out to the course and apply what you learned during the week. I can‘t do it for you, but I can guide you every step of the way.

Simple, transparent pricing

Break 90 in 90 Days is an affordable, comprehensive training course that you cannot find anywhere else on the internet.

Lifetime access

Pay once, and you get access to 18+ hours of video lessons for life.

What’s included

  • 18+ hours of instructional videos
  • Access to library of practice drills for all aspects of your game
  • Detailed notes for each lesson
  • Structured, 12 week plan to actually break 90 for the first time

Pay once, own it forever


100% satisfaction guarantee. Not satisfied? Full refund, no sweat.

Course Syllabus

A 12 Week Course