Don’t be a Robot, Play Golf

In my practice guide, I talk a lot about developing a practice routine. 

Sure, it’s nice to have a routine and all, but let’s face it. 

Some days, golf just does not work.  You go through your routine, and nothing goes right.  

You’ve got an important round coming up, and no confidence to show for your practice. 

And that is why experience in golf is something that can’t be explicitly taught.  In this situation, you must be adaptable, and alter your practice routine to accommodate the struggles you are facing.

Maybe you need to take a break… Or maybe you need to forget about putting for a few days and focus on your chipping/pitching motion.

Unfortunately, there is no good way to cover every scenario, which is why you must be patient with yourself, and notice patterns in your game over time.

With experience, you will begin to remember how to fix certain faults, and will be able to get yourself back on track much quicker. 

Golf was not meant for robots (although this is a pretty cool video).  

Be flexible. 

Think a little bit.