Every Shot Must Have a Purpose Book Review

I am so excited that you are interested in this book!  If someone asked me for one book that could dramatically improve their golf game, it would be this one.  I’ve read this book four times, and continue to reference back to it to this day.  Lynn and Pia are from Sweden, and have done years of research on athletes, and how their minds work.  They are most famous for their direct work with Annika Sorenstam (only LPGA tour player to shoot a 59 in a competitive tournament).

It is no mistake that Annika has had such a successful career.  Lynn and Pia have a mental game system that works for anyone, and at any level.

In this book, Lynn and Pia talk about the importance of effective practice, and trusting the process of golf rather than the outcome.  They believe that the past is not your future, and everyone has the ability to play great golf if they focus on some key things.  The main focus of this book is on having a Playing Focus, Think Box/Play Box, and feel in golf.

Here are some more detailed topics that they discuss throughout the book:

  • Finding what works for you
  • Verbalizing your intentions over a shot
  • Game plans
  • Patterns that a golf game can get into, and how to keep or break them- yes, you can be in the habit of losing rather than winning!
  • Awareness of different “feels” during the golf swing
  • Provides several drills and on course games that you can do to improve your mental focus and creativity
  • The book talks a lot about “effective” practice.  If you are someone who doesn’t have much time to practice, but would like to shoot low scores, this book is for you.
  • Tai Chi Swings
  • Bringing the range to the course (essentially the purpose behind the book)
  • Finally, the book gives two 54 shot challenges that you can do on the range.  I use these almost every time that I go to the range to keep my shot making sharp.

If you would like further information about Lynn and Pia, as well as their “Vision 54” system, I highly advise you purchase the book here,
and then take a visit to their website.  Honestly, this book could very well be the only book you’ll ever need to work on your mental game.  It is comprehensive, and backed by tons of research!