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Although I prefer the Putting Tutor over this tool, It would be wrong of me to exclude this tool as one of my recommendations. This aid is simple and effective, and is used all over college golf circuits and even the PGA Tour:

This tool can be used in 3 ways:

  1. Aligning your eyes – some golfers prefer to align perfectly over the ball (section between your eyes will be directly over the ball) while others (like Phil Mickelson) believe that you should align your eyes a little bit inside and back of the golf ball.
  2. Practicing Stroke Length – Here is where I am not a huge fan of the tool. I’ve always had a slightly longer backstroke in putting, and the recommended backstroke length put on this tool seems a little short to me. Of course you don’t have to use it though!!
  3. Practicing Putter Face Alignment – There are useful little alignment aids that help you get your putter face square to your target. In my opinion, this is the most important part of the tool despite its name of “Eyeline”.

Between this and the Putting Tutor, I would always recommend the former, but you truly cannot go wrong with either!

I receive a small affiliate commission when you click on the link to this product. That said, every product that I review has been something that I have used or currently use.

Eyeline Putting Alignment Mirror


Putter Face Alignment


Green Reading


Speed Control


Eye Alignment


Stroke Improvement


The good

  • Quick Setup
  • Simultaneously improves putter face and eye alignments
  • Easily fit into bag

The bad

  • I sometimes feel like this tool is a bit constraining when you put tees in the recommended locations
  • Could cause you to over-focus on eye alignment and neglect other important parts of putting like speed.
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