Harvey Penick on “Erratic Golfers”

Today’s tip comes from Harvey Penick, the long time mentor and swing coach of Ben Crenshaw, Tom Kite, and many other notable golfers.  

In his book And if You Play Golf You’re My Friend (the sequel to his Little Red Book), Penick talks about the “Erratics.”

The erratic is a golfer who all too often shoots a round of 72 followed by a round of 82.  

Penick says that if he were like that, he would start a golf diary, and write everything down about each golf round. 

What did I eat before the round?  How long did I warm up?  How much sleep did I have?  What was the time of day when I teed off?  How was I feeling before the round?

He says that by keeping a nightly diary (or journal as I talk about in this post), you will be able to notice trends. 

Maybe you play better golf the day after a heavy workout.

Or maybe Chipotle is the ultimate pre-round meal for you 🙂

Whatever it is, you’ll find out through keeping a journal.

So take 5 minutes at the end of each day that you play a competitive/semi-competitive round of golf, and start noticing trends.  I’ve done it, and can certainly vouch for the concept!