How I Play Golf Book Review

If you are just starting out, this a great book to get you on your feet.  There are tons of pictures to help you understand the concepts, and the book covers all of the absolute basics that are so crucial in developing a solid golf game.

The book starts out by introducing you to the game of golf, and explaining Tiger’s mindset when it comes to learning.  He is an advocate of continuous improvement, and never being content.  He then goes into the basic fundamentals of the short game, starting with putting.  This section talks about the proper grip, stance, alignment, stroke, and much more.  Tiger then goes into the fundamentals of getting the ball up and down from any lie.  This part covers the basic chip, pitch, bunker shot, and some of the more advanced scenarios like the 30 yard bunker shot, and fairway bunker shot.  The third section of the book is dedicated to the long game.  Tiger starts with the proper grip, and then goes into the back-swing.  He devotes a large portion of the book to the back-swing, as it sets you up for a successful down-swing.  After this, he teaches you the down-swing, and how to nail your woods off the tee and off the fairway.  Finally, he talks about the driver, and how he sets up with this club.  This portion of the book is all about fundamentals.  The final part of the book is a culmination of Tiger’s years of experience on the course.  He talks about how to manage yourself on and off the course, and gives lots of insight into his mind.

I’ve read this entire book, and love seeing the teachings of arguably the greatest golfer in the history of the game.  I think we can all learn something from Tiger’s book.

Here is the print version of the book.