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Before Starting

  • Have you made your measurements?
    • I know this might seem obvious, but be sure to measure and mark off the point at which you are cutting.  Especially while tipping a shaft (you can’t undo this), it is important to have precise measurements.  Use a sharpie to make your marks on the shaft.  Here is a tutorial on how to measure golf clubs.
  • Are you cutting a steel or graphite shaft?
    • When cutting a graphite shaft, it is important that you use a hack saw, or put in the special graphite shaft cutting blade on the Golfworks Shaft Cutter.
  • Are you cutting the butt end or the tip end of the shaft?
    • The butt end of the shaft is grip end.  If you are shortening or extending the length of a golf club, this is where you will cut.  If you want to change the play-ability of the club (feel, flex to a certain extent, spin rate, dispersion), you will be cutting the tip end of the shaft.
    • To read more about the effects of tipping a golf shaft, here is an article on Golfworks that explains it well.  In general, tipping the shaft 1 inch will make the club 1/2 a flex stiffer.

Okay, you’re all set! Let’s get started.

Materials Needed