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scotty cameron black dots

How to Re-Finish a Scotty Cameron Headcover

This is a fun and quick project that you can do to spice up the look of your bag! Although it doesn’t work on all Scotty Cameron headcovers, if you can find one that reacts to bleach like the 2008 Scotty Cameron Studio Select model, it is a cool looking project!

Materials Needed

  • 2008 Scotty Cameron Studio Select Headcover
  • Pure/Concentrated Bleach
  • Applicator Bottle
  • Hairdryer (optional)
  • Sharpie (any color)

Don’t be afraid to get creative with the sharpie!  Here are a few variations that I could have done with this head cover:

Scotty Cameron headcover

Scotty Cameron headcover

Scotty Cameron headcover

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