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How to Torch and “Oil Quench” a Carbon Steel Putter

If you like fire, or artistry in general, this is the tutorial for you! In this post, I will be demonstrating step by step how to “Torch Finish” a carbon steel putter. Although this technique can be done with several different models of putters, I enjoy doing it on the T.P. Mills line of putters because they are the easiest to evenly finish. I had a great time making this tutorial, and I hope you enjoy!


Before Starting This Tutorial, Your Putter Must

Materials Needed

Have lots of patience with this.  Torch finishing a putter requires practice, and you most likely won’t get it the first time around.  If you mess up, it is fairly painless to restart.  You can either go back and repeat Part 2, or you can soak the putter head in Coca Cola/CLR for a few minutes.  Soaking the putter in these liquids will remove most, if not all of the finish.  After you have soaked the putter in these, you might have to polish the putter head on the sisal and cloth wheels for a short amount of time.  Personally, I just re-do Part 2 altogether.  I think it is the quickest way to restart.

Carbon Steel Temperature/Color Chart

800 F Dark Grey 427 C
575 F Blue 302 C
540 F Dark Purple 282 C
520 F Purple 271 C
500 F Brown/Purple 260 C
480 F Brown 249 C
465 F Dark Straw 241 C
445 F Light Straw 229 C
390 F Faint Straw 199 C

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