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Advertise at The DIY Golfer. Get in front of a passionate golf audience and make more sales for your business.

How do I get a slot?

There is currently 1 ad slot available for $500 per month (no long term contracts)

If you are interested, drop your email below and I will reach out to you.

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Site stats

Stats as of March 2023

On average, this site generates ~28,000 monthly unique pageviews where ~80% of that is organic search traffic from Google. Below are some relevant statistics:

  • Avg. unique users per month: 16,750
  • Avg. pageviews per month: 28,000
  • Avg. time on site: 1:40
  • Newsletter subscribers: 6,200
  • Traffic source

Live stats dashboard

You can view the live site statistics here.

Please note, I recently switched to Fathom analytics, so there is limited history in the dashboard. Prior, I used Google Analytics.

Can I personalize the ad?

Yes. I will personally work with you to make sure the ad stands out and converts!

Advertising cost methodology

Advertising costs are a fixed monthly price based on two factors:

  1. Monthly average pageviews (calculated over a trailing 12 month period)
  2. Ad placement (promiment ads cost more)

Cost = Avg. monthly pageviews / 28 / 2

For example, this site averages 28,000 monthly pageviews, so the top ad spot will cost:

Cost = 28,000 / 28 / 2 = $500 per month

Please note, this is generally higher than you would pay on wholesale ad platforms because of several factors:

  • I work with you to design the ad
  • Your ad is permanently displayed in the same spot on the site
  • This leads to higher relevance and conversions

Is pricing static?

Advertising slot prices will update on a quarterly basis. Since pricing is based on pageviews, as pageviews grow, so will the cost to advertise.

Why direct ads?

When someone visits The DIY Golfer, I want to deliver a pleasant experience, which means I no longer run Google Adsense or other cookie-tracking forms of advertising.

Instead, all my advertising is direct; meaning I work directly with brands to build a compelling advertisement to prominently display on my site.

Other questions?

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