About The DIY Golfer

Hey there, my name is Zach and I am the founder of The DIY Golfer.

Hey there! My name is Zach Gollwitzer. I am a former collegiate golfer and the creator of The DIY Golfer.

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My story starts back in high-school at my District qualifying tournament. That day, I shot 103. Also that day, I decided that I would do whatever it took to break 80 in next year’s qualifier (golfer logic right?). I practiced my little heart out that year and showed up on the first tee at the District qualifying course. Ready for redemption, I hooked two golf balls OB on the first hole, took an unplayable on my third tee shot, and fired a quadruple bogey to start my qualifier. I bogeyed the second hole, doubled the third hole, and then parred the last 15 holes to shoot 79 that day (my second time breaking 80 in competition).

After making it through to the state tournament that year, my game improved faster than ever and I embarked on a four-year collegiate golf career at The University of Akron (unfortunately, Akron’s Men’s golf program was cut from the university in 2020). In the midst of all this, The DIY Golfer was born. Around sophomore year of college, I realized how poorly I understood the golf swing and decided I would start some sort of “online journal” documenting some of the things I learned. This “journal” ended up as the site here today featuring a full instructional series and practice guides for you to use on your own golf journey. I don’t claim to be an expert nor am I a certified instructor, but I hope some of the tidbits here on the blog accelerate your game in a way you never thought possible!

In addition to the instructional content, you’ll find a golf club refinishing and clubmaking series. I’ve always been guilty of tinkering with my golf clubs (to my own demise at times), and I thought it would be helpful to share that hobby here as well.

Whether you’re just starting the game of golf or you’re a seasoned competitor, there is something here at The DIY Golfer for you!

Outside of golf, I am a software engineer by day and maintain several projects you can learn more about here on my personal site.