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Learn how to purchase the best golf balls for your game with my in-depth reviews and recommendations.

3 quick tips for buying golf balls

There are so many golf balls out there, and many of them seem similar. Here's how you choose what's right for your game.

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    Be consistent

    For many golfers, the ball they play changes based on what they find in the creek. That said, it's best to stick with one brand if you can.

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    You don't need to play ProV1s

    With cheaper, high-performance golf balls like the Snell MTB Black and Vice Pro Plus, you don't need to spend $50 on a dozen golf balls.

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    If it's scuffed, toss it

    It's fine to play used golf balls, but if there are cart path scuffs or deep scratches, this will significantly affect ball flight for the worse.

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