How to Find the Correct Golf Grip Size for your Game

Last updated Nov 03, 2023

How to Find the Correct Golf Grip Size for your Game

One of the most refreshing things in golf is throwing on some new grips.  But which ones should you buy?  Cord grips?  Tour Velvets?  Winn?  And what size?

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Written By: Zach Gollwitzer

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Grip size is one of those overlooked details in club fitting. So many golfers would enjoy lower scores and increased comfort merely by using the correct sized grips, but nobody seems to care! Hopefully this brief tutorial will change your mind!

Let me start by recommending a quick article to read through. Golf.com did a study on 1440 swings and determined that 9/10 golfers play the wrong grip size!

Essentially, the experiment done in the article I have linked to revealed the following results:

  • A static fitting chart is not a good way to find your optimal grip size
  • If given alternatives, you would probably prefer something other than the "standard" grip size
  • All things considered, it is more likely that you are losing strokes than gaining them thanks to the size of your current grips

My first effort in fitting myself for grips was by using a static fitting chart. I measured my hands with a ruler, matched the measurements to a fitting chart I found on Google, and then installed grips that measured 1/16" over standard. This is the same as a "mid-sized" grip. I played with these for a while, but soon found myself desiring even larger grips. I decided to break away from my static fitting recommendations, and installed "over-sized" or "jumbo" grips.

They initially felt huge to me, but after a few sessions with them, I had began to get used to the feel. Unfortunately, I was never able to get my hands through with these monstrous grips, causing several blocked shots. Finally, I switched to 3/64" over-sized grips, which are just shy of 1/16" mid-size grips that I had previously installed. I still play this size today, and don't intend on changing.

So what personal gain do you get after reading about my tedious efforts to find the correct grip size? The lesson I'm trying to convey is that finding the correct grip size will require some experimentation, regardless of what someone might tell you, but it is well worth the struggle! Although I have no conclusive evidence, I can honestly say that finding the right grip size has dramatically improved my ball-striking. When I had too small of grips, I saw the ball go left, and when they were too large, the ball blocked out to the right.

If you want to improve your golf game with minimal effort, go experiment with some different sized grips! I suggest that you put a few grips (all of different sizes) on your wedges and short irons. By testing grip sizes with the scoring clubs, you will have a better idea which size "feels" the best, and produces the best results.

Play a few rounds with these varying grip sizes. Once you come to a consensus on which size feels best, install that size on your driver and a long iron. If that size produces good results on the driver, long iron, and wedge, then it is probably a good fit! The mistake you don't want to make is re-gripping your entire set to find out you don't like the size. Always test before installing!

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