Reshafting Golf Clubs at Home: A DIY Guide

Last Updated: Nov 03, 2023

Reshafting Golf Clubs at Home: A DIY Guide

Just like extracting a golf shaft, installing a new one is much easier than most think!

Written By: Zach Gollwitzer

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Using epoxy to install a shaft is not a difficult task, but I think some people get a bit confused when dealing with different types of golf clubs. Putters are fairly easy to do, but when re-shafting irons and woods, we have to install the ferrule as well, which is a bit confusing to the novice.

Materials Needed (Installing a shaft without a ferrule i.e. putters)

  • Pro-Fix 20/20 Long Cure Epoxy
  • Ferrule
    • Make sure you purchase the correct size! Click here for a shaft size guide
    • Driver/wood ferrules are shorter than iron ferrules
    • Putters do not need ferrules
  • Drill Driver and Small Drill Bit (for removing old epoxy inside the shaft)
  • Epoxy Board (or some smooth surface to mix the epoxy on)
  • Something to mix the epoxy with (end of a paintbrush, nail, screwdriver)
  • Coarse Sand Paper (80 Grit works fine)
  • Golfworks Hosel Cleaner (Optional- rolling up a piece of sandpaper works just fine)
  • Acetone
  • Paper Towels

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