How to Measure the Length of a Golf Club

Last updated Nov 04, 2023

How to Measure the Length of a Golf Club

In this post, I will show you the proper way to measure the length of your golf club whether a driver or a putter.

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Written By: Zach Gollwitzer

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If you often work with your own golf clubs, measuring their lengths accurately is extremely important. It is a preliminary step in many club-making techniques, so be sure to get this right!

Materials Needed

  • 48" Measuring Stick (I've linked to a 48" measuring stick because Drivers and 3-woods are longer than the standard 36" yard stick)

Measuring different types of golf clubs requires an understanding of what we are actually measuring. In today's terminology, the "length" of a golf club is not the length of the shaft, but the length of the shaft and the club-head combined. Essentially, we are measuring from the sole (bottom) of the golf club (while it is sitting completely flat) to the end of the grip.

In this tutorial, I will:

  • Teach the most basic measuring technique for golf clubs
  • Teach you how to measure putter length with great accuracy

Basic Technique

The first step in measuring a golf club is to rest the club completely flat on the ground. When I say "flat" I mean that the contact point of the club to the ground should be in the middle of the club's sole.

In other words, neither the toe nor the heel of the club should be lifted in the air. The pictures below represent how you should rest the club against the yard stick while measuring.

Measure to the end of the grip, and this is your "effective length."

See pictures below:

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Measuring Putter Length

There is no sure-fire way to measure the length of a putter due to all the different putter neck types. Generally, you should measure your putter using the same method as above, except instead of placing the ruler at the heel of the putter, direct it through the center of the putter's sole.

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