How to Remove a Graphite Shaft

Last Updated: Nov 03, 2023

How to Remove a Graphite Shaft

To extract a graphite shaft without damaging it, you will need to use a shafter puller or the technique used in this post.

Written By: Zach Gollwitzer

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It is important to know the proper technique for removing a graphite shaft. A graphite shaft could be ruined forever if removed by the conventional twist and pull method that we use for steel shafts. The fibers in the shaft tear apart when you do this. In this video, I will show you the correct (and cheap) way to remove a graphite shaft. If you can afford it, I would recommend using this shaft puller for better results.

Materials Needed

Removing an Adapter from a Wood or Driver

The process for removing an adapter is very similar to removing a graphite shaft with a minor twist as shown in the video below.

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