Is the Golf Swing the Same for Driver and Irons?

Last updated Nov 06, 2023

Is the Golf Swing the Same for Driver and Irons?

Is the driver swing the same as the wedge swing? In this post, I'll explain the major differences.

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Have you ever struggled to make a swing thought work for all of your clubs?

You might be telling yourself to shift your weight forward through the swing, but it seems to work a lot better for the driver than it does the wedges.

This is a common problem that most golfers don't even know they have at times.

Just today, I was working for a few hours on my swing. I had been swaying off the ball during the backswing a little bit, so I wanted to focus on keeping my body centered over the ball during the backswing (not stack and tilt, but rather just eliminating the sway). I initially hit a few 5 irons, 3-woods, and drivers, feeling like my left shoulder was turning over the ball. It seemed to work fine for the long clubs, but I struggled to make it work for the wedges! I was hitting the wedges high on the face, and it didn't feel good!

Turns out, when I was using that swing thought with the wedges, I was actually moving my left shoulder forward rather than keeping it still (naturally, because the wedge is shorter, and the body is more centered to start with).

After a little bit of thinking, I realized that a better swing thought might be to keep my head in the same spot throughout the backswing. By making this tiny little adjustment in the way I thought about it, I was able to stay centered, and hit the ball well with all of my clubs, not just the long ones!

This situation applies to golf in general, not just the swing.

Sometimes, all it takes it thinking about things in a different way.

Next time you feel "stuck" in golf, take a few minutes rest, and try to come back to the problem from another angle.

You might just find the solution that you are looking for :)

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