Simplify your Golf Game

Last updated Nov 03, 2023

Simplify your Golf Game

There are so many shots you can hit, swing thoughts you can think, and clubs you can use, but simple golf is what this game is about.

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Written By: Zach Gollwitzer

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How complicated is your golf game?

Does it feel like you have a million things that you need to work on? A million thoughts you need to think? A million lessons you need to learn?

I used to feel this way. I was overwhelmed by all the choices of equipment, swing coaches, swing theories, mental strategies, and anything else related to golf improvement.

I felt this way until last fall after shooting 4 under par on my home golf course.

I sat down and asked myself what I had done during that round to shoot such a solid score? What was different between 4 under par and 4 over par?

The answer?


I know it is an overused term, so let me explain:

When you are playing good golf, everything is simple. You walk up to each shot, perform your pre-shot routine effortlessly (because you have practiced it so much), and swing with minimal thought.

You walk between shots not worrying about the next shot.

You trust that you have the right clubs for your game, and that a new driver isn't the answer.

You don't try to hit shots you aren't comfortable with.

When putting, you look at your target, and then trust your stroke, keeping your head down.

I know I know, all these things sound so difficult. And that is because they are!

This "simplicity" that golfers talk about is not something that just happens. You can't just walk on the golf course and play a "simple" golf game.

To simplify your golf game, you must first put in the work.

How are you going to trust a swing that you haven't practiced?

How are you going to trust a putting stroke that doesn't know the difference between 10 feet and 20 feet?

How are you going to effortlessly go through a pre-shot routine when you haven't even developed one yet?

Practice smart and hard.

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