Swing Confidence vs. Real Confidence in Golf

Last updated Nov 06, 2023

Swing Confidence vs. Real Confidence in Golf

If you are dependent on one piece of your game working exceptionally to shoot a good score, then you might be a victim of conditional confidence.

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There are two types of confidence in golf.

One confidence is called "swing confidence," and the other is called "real confidence."

Can you tell the difference?

With swing confidence, you are only as confident as long as your golf swing is working well. The minute that the swing leaves you, your confidence is gone, and you will struggle to finish the round with any sort of gracefulness.

With real confidence, you are able to play good golf even when the swing is not there. You just know that you'll find a way.

I'm not a huge fan of the word "confidence" in general though.

There is so much talk about it. Everyone pinpoints that the root of the problem is a lack of confidence.

"You shot X score today because you lacked confidence."

Okay... Now tell me why I lacked confidence please...

That is the real question we must ask. Once we understand that confidence doesn't come solely from a good golf swing, we must find ways to develop and strengthen our confidence. We must determine PERSONAL methods of developing confidence.

For me, I really do like to practice the golf swing, and this gives me confidence. But that isn't the only thing. I also do mental exercises at home, and even practice the art of "not caring about outcome" off the course.

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