Swing-Weight Adjustment Guidelines

Last updated Jun 02, 2023

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Weight Adjustment Guidelines (Useful reference)

Here are some useful conversions that will help you when swing-weighting your clubs:

Note: A 1 point increase in swing-weight points would be the equivalent of going from D1 to D2, while a 1 point decrease in swing-weight points would be the equivalent of going from D2-D1.

ConditionChange in Swing-weight points (SW)
Cutting 1/2" off grip end of shaft3 SW decrease
Adding 2 grams to clubhead1 SW increase
Adding 5 grams to grip end of shaft1 SW decrease
3 layers of masking buildup tape under grip1 SW (ex: 90 g shaft=1 SW more than 80 g shaft)
Flattening lie angle 4 degrees1 SW increase
Shaft weight difference of 9 grams1 SW decrease
4.5 inches of normal 1/2 inch wide lead tape1 SW point or 2 grams
3.15 inches of "high density" 1/2 inch wide lead tape1 SW point or 2 grams

This table represents the general guidelines that I have followed for several years, but they aren't perfect. Always be sure to measure!

For more on swing weighting, check out this post.

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