The Positions of the Golf Swing (P Classification system)

Last updated Apr 11, 2023 | By Zach | Golf Swing Foundations
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The foundations of the golf swing is a free course that breaks down the mechanics behind the golf swing, drawing heavily from concepts in The Golfing Machine as well as my own experience as a former D1 collegiate golfer.

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Below are the 10 positions of the golf swing. These positions are an important way to communicate things between an instructor and a student because they give us a "language" to speak with.

The 10 Positions of the Golf Swing

Address (P1)

Your address position is one of the most crucial parts of the golf swing.

Jack Nicklaus preaches the importance of a good setup:

Every time I hurry my setup, my subconscious rears up and beats me around the ears.

You can learn more on how to achieve the proper golf setup in my Break 90 in 90 Days Course.

P1 golf swing position

Takeaway (P2)

The most important factor in achieving an on-plane golf swing is your takeaway.

Sure, you can "re-route" your swing at the top, but for most golfers, getting the takeaway right is one of the most beneficial aspects of the swing to practice.

You can learn more about the types of takeaways (and how to analyze them) in my Break 90 in 90 Days Course.

P2 golf swing position

Mid Backswing (P3)

The mid-backswing is a "checkpoint". If you've rotated your body in the correct sequence and nailed the takeaway, it's smooth-sailing from here.

You can learn more about the mid-backswing in my Break 90 in 90 Days Course.

P3 golf swing position

Top of Swing (P4)

You're locked and loaded. Getting to a powerful top-of-swing position is critical to hitting the ball 300 yards down the middle.

You can learn more about the top of the swing in my Break 90 in 90 Days Course where I dive into how to analyze this position and how to get there.

P4 golf swing position

The Transition (P5)

The transition of motion from backswing to downswing is CRITICAL.

This is where most golfers fail and you must learn this move correctly.

I have several in-depth lessons on performing the transition correctly in my Break 90 in 90 Days Course.

P5 golf swing position

Pre Impact (P6)

The importance of the pre-impact position is mainly for video analysis. Your position here indicates how successful the prior parts of your swing were.

I cover pre-impact video analysis and fundamentals in more depth in my Break 90 Course.

P6 golf swing position

Impact (P7)

Impact is the moment of truth for us golfers. If the clubface and club path don't match up, that ball is going to no-mans land.

Getting impact right is challenging, which is why I've covered this topic in great detail (including Golf Physics) in my Break 90 Course.

P7 golf swing position

Release (P8)

Your release matters a lot more than you think. There are several types of releases that promote different shot outcomes, so nailing this is super important.

I talk a lot about these release types in my Break 90 Course.

P8 golf swing position

Follow through (P9)

Believe it or not, the follow-through is an important factor in determining swing speed and therefore, how far you hit the ball.

P9 golf swing position

Finish (P10)

Hold that finish! While you can get away with all sorts of finishes, a balanced finish position is a sign of a sound golf swing.

P10 golf swing position

How to practice the positions of the golf swing

There is a huge difference between practicing your golf swing and practicing golf.

Practicing your swing requires video analysis and repetition. For that reason, my absolute favorite way to do "position work" on my swing is either at the range or using a golf net like the SigPro below.

Get the SigPro Net

SigPro net

You can also find some of my posts where I talk about more effective practice below.

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