The Temptation to Buy New Golf Clubs

Published Apr 12, 2019 | By Zach | equipment

"I remember how in about 1962 a manufacturer came out with a new driver that had some kind of a slot in the head that supposedly increased distance.  One of my Texas boys, Billy Munn, told me he wanted to buy the new driver.  I said, 'I didn't realize you had broken your old driver, Billy.  Let's see if we can fix it.' There was nothing wrong with Billy's old driver, and he was good with it.  Like all golfers, Billy was being gullible to the lure of advertising."

And that was back in 1962...

We now have the internet, which advertises golf clubs like they were lollipops at the checkout register in a gas station!  It is all too easy to be taken in to the marketing schemes of the major club companies.

When the impulse to buy a new club comes, give yourself 2 weeks of buffer time before buying.

If after 2 weeks, that impulse is still there (in which case it probably isn't much of an impulse), THEN consider buying the club.

If you can't wait 2 weeks to buy a golf club, it is pretty obvious that your priorities are not in the right spot :)

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