Golf Clubmaking: What is it?

Last updated Nov 04, 2023

Golf Clubmaking: What is it?

Many golfers waste too much money getting work done on their clubs at the store. Take matters into your own hands and save some money on that next re-gripping!

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Written By: Zach Gollwitzer

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Welcome to the Clubmaking series! I put this series together because I believe that all golfers should have at least basic knowledge of club repair. You know, the stuff that happens inside one of these vans at the PGA Tour events:

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I understand if you don't have the intention of re-gripping your entire set of clubs, but there is no reason you should have to wait 5 business days for the golf store down the street to regrip two of your clubs. For these little one-time fixes, knowing how to service your own clubs can come in handy. Although I would suggest going through all of the tutorials, this series is meant to be browsed on an "as needed" basis. Happy clubmaking!

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