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Do you struggle with consistent golf? This free, 3-part video training series will show you the one thing you need to master for more consistent golf.

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In his book, Golf My Way, Jack Nicklaus recalls how he spent hours on end with his teacher, Jack Grout working on his steady head. Jack Grout would hold the butt end of a golf club on top of Jack Nicklaus’s head to ensure that his head remained steady throughout the golf swing.But wait, this is not the same thing as “keeping your head down”. Far from it!

Here at The DIY Golfer, I’m passionate about communicating honest and timeless golf advice that I myself have used throughout my golfing career as a D1 collegiate golfer. I only teach what truly works, and after reading The Golfing Machine several times through, applying the concepts in live collegiate competition, and testing hundreds of different things over many hours on the range, I promise you that what I’m going to teach you in this 3-part (completely FREE) training series is going to help you stop blading/chunking your golf shots.

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