FREE, personalized golf practice plan

Take a short quiz and I will send you a free, personalized practice plan you can take to the range and course to become a more consistent golfer.

Practice Plan Quiz

FREE, personalized practice plan

Take a short quiz and I will send you a personalized email with an in-depth guide to practicing golf more effectively.

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My current golf goal is to...

What is this plan about?

Half the battle with golf is knowing what to practice and when. That‘s why I created this personal practice plan. As a competitive golfer, I have not only spent countless hours practicing, but also countless hours thinking about{" "} how to practice better.

Have you ever heard this saying?

Practice makes perfect

Well, in golf, that‘s not quite right. I think a better way to say it is...

Practice makes permanent

What you practice and how you do it is just as important as showing up. If you spend an hour working on the wrong part of your swing, you‘re not necessarily getting better at golf; you‘re getting better at that thing you are practicing (which may not be the right thing).

This practice plan will make sure you are working on the{" "} right things. So fill out the short quiz above and you‘ll be on your way to better golf!