Sharing Policy for Images and Assets of The DIY Golfer

Here are my guidelines for sharing images and assets found at The DIY Golfer.

Thank you for your interest in sharing and using images from The DIY Golfer.

I put a lot of work into my graphics and images and want them to be shared with proper attribution. Here are my rules and guidelines.

The "Golden Rule"

You MUST link back to The DIY Golfer website when using any images or other media. Failure to do so will result in a request for removal and ban from using media in the future. At The DIY Golfer, I encourage sharing, just make sure to do it the right way!

Sharing Images

Here are my guidelines for sharing images. You can read more about the license here.

Guideline #1: Only share images that have share buttons

If you don't see a share button, please do not share the image or graphic.

Guideline #2: Provide Attribution

When you use my images, please provide proper attribution to The DIY Golfer. This means giving credit to us and mentioning where the image came from.

Please use the dedicated share links to properly share images.