Golf Swing Positions: P Classification System

L️earn the positions of the golf swing with the P Classification System. This system is used by the best golf instructors in the world.


Golf Swing Position: Address (P1)

Address, or "P1" is the position the golfer takes prior to making a swing. Jack Nicklaus has called this the most important part of the golf swing!

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Golf Swing Position: Takeaway (P2)

The takeaway, or "P2" is the start of the golf swing and absolutely critical for getting the swing on the correct inclined plane.

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Golf Swing Position: Mid Backswing (P3)

The mid-backswing, or "P3" is the movement where the golfer is rotating the arms and hips to reach the top of the swing and is critical to a good motion!

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Golf Swing Position: Top of Swing (P4)

The top of the swing, or "P4" is the moment before the golfer makes the transition move and is absolutely critical to the golf swing!

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Golf Swing Position: Transition (P5)

The transition, or "P5" is the moment the golf swing changes directions. This is one of the hardest and most important moves to master in golf.

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Golf Swing Position: Pre-Impact (P6)

Pre-impact, or "P6" is the moment before impact, and while the golfer doesn't consciously control this, a strong pre-impact position is crucial!

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Golf Swing Position: Impact (P7)

Impact, also called "P7", or "The Moment of Truth" is the single determining factor in where the golf ball goes and is the effect of other movements.

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Golf Swing Position: Release (P8)

The release, or "P8" is the moment just after impact, and is critical that the golfer continues to rotate the body through this position!

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Golf Swing Position: Follow Through (P9)

The follow-through, or "P9" is when the golfer has struck the ball and the momentum of the golf club propels it into the finish.

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Golf Swing Position: Finish (P10)

The finish, or "P10" is the final part of the golf swing. While it may not seem important, holding a balanced finish is crucial to making a great golf swing!

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