Golf Drills: Square Putter Face Drill

Last Updated: Oct 30, 2023

Golf Drills: Square Putter Face Drill

This drill will help you learn how to square the putter face properly.

Written By: Zach Gollwitzer

Posted in: Putting Drills

Who is this drill best for?

This drill will be best for:

  • Golfers who miss lots of short putts
  • Golfers who are inconsistent on the greens

Required Materials and Equipment

For this drill, you will need:

  • A putting training aid (any of the ones below will work)
  • Your putter!

Drill Overview

The goal of this drill is to use training aids to teach your eyes and body to feel a square putter face, which is the sole determinant of where your putts start.

Drill Instructions

  1. Grab 5-10 golf balls and your choice of training aid
  2. Find a straight, 3-10 foot putt
  3. Place a towel down under your feet to protect the putting green from damage
  4. For 10-20 minutes, hit putts with your training aid focusing on what "square" feels like
  5. Now go hit a few breaking putts and watch them drop!