Weight Shift Drills

My 1 Favorite Weight Shift Drills (all skill levels)

Most golfers fall back on their trail leg through impact and hit weak golf shots because of it. Here are some drills to get you to that lead side!

Below, you will find all of my favorite weight shift drills. I have used all of these as a competitive golfer and know they will help your game!

Best Weight Shift Drills

Below are my 1 favorite Weight Shift Drills!

Weight Shift Drill

Follow through drill

Who does this drill help?

  • Golfers who struggle with their weight shift in the golf swing
  • Golfers who want to learn how to "pivot" correctly in the golf swing

Drill Overview

The follow through drill is a simple drill that can be done at home or on the range which will help you learn the proper sequencing of the golf swing and how to move the weight forward.

Deep Dive

Want a deep dive on the drill “Follow through drill”? Check out my full article below!

Golf Follow Through Drill: Learn proper weight shift cover image

Follow through drill

Golf Follow Through Drill: Learn proper weight shift

The follow-through drill is an excellent way to learn both the proper weight shift and sequencing of the golf swing.