Tempo Drills

My 1 Favorite Tempo Drills (all skill levels)

You can have a beautiful golf swing, but if your tempo is off, that ball is still going sideways. Here are the best drills to find your tempo!

Below, you will find all of my favorite tempo drills. I have used all of these as a competitive golfer and know they will help your game!

Best Tempo Drills

Below are my 1 favorite Tempo Drills!

Tempo Drill

Golf Drills: The "Slomo" Driver Swing

Who does this drill help?

  • Golfers who struggle with inconsistent tempo
  • Golfers who feel "out of sync"
  • Golfers who struggle to feel the correct positions of the golf swing

Drill Overview

This drill is incredibly simple. All you need is a driver or 3-wood and the goal is to hit golf balls at a fraction of the speed of your normal swing. This is incredibly tough to do at first and requires a lot of kinesthetic awareness—a great skill to improve as a golfer.

Deep Dive

Want a deep dive on the drill “Golf Drills: The "Slomo" Driver Swing”? Check out my full article below!

Golf Drills: The "Slomo" Driver Swing cover image
Golf Drills: The "Slomo" Driver Swing

The "Slomo" drill is a great drill to help you improve your tempo and get a better feeling for the individual positions of your golf swing.