Vintage Putter Restoration: Mirror-Like Shine!

Last Updated: Nov 06, 2023

Vintage Putter Restoration: Mirror-Like Shine!

Restoring a vintage putter is a great way to add to the putter collection, decorate a home, or even impress your friends by gaming it on the course!

Written By: Zach Gollwitzer

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Polishing a golf club doesn't provide much utility to someone looking to use the clubs, but can make a collector very happy. I like polishing vintage putters, but you can use this technique for any club, or any metal for that matter.

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Before Starting This Tutorial, You Must

Materials Needed

*When measuring the size of the wheels, it is formatted as follows: diameter of wheel x width of wheel x diameter of arbor hole

  • Protective Gloves and Eye-wear
  • 6" Benchtop Buffer/Grinder with 1/2" arbor holes (the cheapest and most readily available deburring and polishing wheels fit are 6" in diameter with 1/2" arbor holes)
    • I linked to a Buffer on Amazon, which I don't currently use, but looks like a good setup for what we are trying to accomplish here. I already owned a bench grinder when I got into this, so didn't bother to buy the proper "buffing" grinder.
  • 6" Polishing wheels (they come in a pack, or you can purchase them separately.)
  • Polishing Compounds
  • Microfiber Polish Cloth
  • Simichrome Metal Polish

Note: when finding a bench grinder, the size of the grinder doesn't matter. A 6" or 8" grinder will work, but be sure to match the wheel sizes to the grinder size! I recommend purchasing the bench grinder first, and then purchasing the wheels that will fit it. The materials listed below are the materials that I have. Yes, they are expensive, but all the materials listed below will last a long time. I have been using the same bench grinder and wheels for three years now, and expect to use them for another year or so.

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