Your new favorite hobby–golf club refinishing

There is nothing more satisfying than turning an old, beat up putter into a masterpiece.  In this refinishing series, I’ll show you the techniques required to unleash your creativity on all your old golf clubs!

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Brass vs. Carbon Steel vs. Stainless Steel

When I first started refinishing golf clubs, I had a difficult time finding information.  One of the topics that caused me a lot of unecessary struggle was not knowing the different types of metal that golf clubs are made of.

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Preventing Rusty Golf Clubs

For some finishes, it is difficult, if not impossible to prevent rust on a golf club.  In this post I’ll show you my preferred method for preventing rust on golf clubs.

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Refinish a Scotty Cameron Headcover

If you have an old Scotty Cameron Newport Select putter headcover laying around, you can turn it into a custom beauty!

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Paint Fill 101

The quickest and easiest way to customize your golf clubs is by painting the text on them.  I’ll show you some of my favorite techniques for doing so, my preferred paints, and some quick tips that will make your life a lot easier when customizing your golf clubs.

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Removing Nicks and Dings on a Golf Club

Ever wonder how a golf club is refurbished?  Did you know that your beat up putter in the basement can be completely transformed in just a few minutes?  It’s called a “deburring wheel”, and it will be your single biggest tool in golf club refinishing.

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Make a Scotty Cameron look Brand New (Basic Satin Finish)

The great thing about stainless steel putters (most new Scotty Camerons) is the fact that after refinishing them, they don’t rust!  Here is the most basic finish you can do on a stainless steel putter, and it looks clean and awesome.

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