Golf My Way Book Review

In this book, Jack Nicklaus takes the reader through every aspect of his golf game through his years as a professional golfer. He gives insights into his practice routines, swing philosophy, short game tips, and most importantly, managing a golf game through the years. This is probably the most detailed golf instructional book that has been published.

Jack had some unconventional methods of swinging the club, known for his upright fade swing. I don’t recommend that you read this book with the intention of copying Jack’s swing, because the message that he tries to convey throughout the book is to find something that works for you, and trust it. I love this book because it is written by Jack himself, therefore allows you to know exactly how he thinks on and off the golf course. I think that any competitive golfer should read this, because his attitude and mental strategies can’t be found anywhere else.

Here is the print version.