Golf Grip Essentials and Possibilities

Most golfers know the basics of holding a golf club.  Neutral vs. Strong, interlock vs. overlap.  But the grip is far more than just a few positions.  The grip is a multi-dimensional component of a golf swing that affects several other parts of the swing including your position at the top and your release actions.

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Is Ball Position the Same for Everyone?

If you read the 2-Lever Model post in this instructional series, you might know what’s coming.  Ball position is one of, if not the most misunderstood topic in golf.  No, there is not a correct ball position, and no, not everyone will have the same ball position.  Why?  Because ball position is relative.

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Posture and Alignment

Posture and alignment are the easiest things to get right in the golf swing, but I have yet to see a high handicap golfer get them right.  You must learn how to setup to the ball if you are going to have a chance at playing good golf.

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