One-Time Offer: Break 90 in 90 Days Course (Starts July 1, 2019)


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There are 10 available spots for this course, and I will not be opening the doors to it again for several months.  Upon purchase, you will receive an introduction and action items to complete prior to the course start date.

This is the Beta version of the course, which means I am cutting the price by more than 50% and providing more support to the students than future classes.  If you’re on a budget and need to get your game in shape fast, you’re in the right spot!

If you’ve been around the site for a while, you know that what I teach is real.  It is not a sales pitch for the “magic move” of the golf swing nor is it oversimplified like many instructors make the game of golf.  This course is not another walkthrough of the golf swing.  Yes, we’ll cover the fundamentals of the long game and short game, but it will be in a highly interactive way.  I will explain all the concepts during the course in detail, but the actual application will be simple.  It has to be.  Nobody with a day job, kids, or other obligations has time to get to the course every day, and that’s why this course is structured around the weekends with simple, actionable steps.

This course can be taken around a busy schedule, but it will be difficult.  Breaking 90 in 90 days is no simple task, which means we will have to approach things in a methodical way.  You will be practicing the critical components of golf while ignoring the “nice to have” elements. For example, you will not learn how to hit a flop shot during this course.


Because you don’t need it!!  If you spend your precious practice hours on shots that you don’t need, you’re sacrificing the hours that could have been spent on the critical skills of golf. These are the kind of things that we’ll be talking about during the course.  I get it.  It’s not for everyone.  Maybe hitting flop shots is more important to you than improving your game.  That’s fine!  I’m not here to tell you how to enjoy your life.  I’m here to help those who do want to improve their golf game, and quickly.

I’m not saying that golf improvement is ever quick, but it can certainly be expedited with the right tools, knowledge, and strategic approach. So if this sounds like the course you’ve been waiting for, don’t keep waiting!  Once those 10 spots are gone, you won’t have this opportunity again.

I hope to see you inside the ropes!

An Inside Look into the Course


Course Outline (90 Days, or 12 weeks)

This course is meant for the busy golfer.  I get it, you’ve got another life outside of golf.  I’ve structured this so the majority of the work can be done on the weekends, and you can take it at your own pace.


Week 1: The Complete Game Audit

  • The “PAR” Method for game improvement
  • The Golf Improvement Ladder
  • Equipment audit
  • Swing audit
  • Mental game audit
  • What to expect in the course
  • Weekly round of golf, journaling, recap

Week 2: The 5 Critical Skills of Golf

  • Are there really only 5 critical skills to golf?
  • Daily exercises to hone these skills (even at home)
  • Why 99% of golfers overlook these skills and how it sabotages their games
  • Weekly round of golf, journaling, recap

Week 3: A Short Game Deep Dive

  • What short game shots do I need to learn?
  • Chipping vs. pitching and how to do both
  • Getting out of the bunker the first time
  • How to make every 3 footer you look at
  • Weekly round of golf, journaling, recap

Week 4: Course Management 101

  • Break 90 through smarter golf
  • Real life examples and walkthroughs
  • Breaking down Tiger’s final round at the 2019 Masters (and the 1 decision that secured the tournament for him)
  • Weekly round of golf, journaling, recap

Week 5: Building the Swing Part 1 (Takeaway)

  • Introduction to the “P Classification” system for the swing
  • Overview of the takeaway and its function in the golf swing
  • Your 1 focus for the week
  • Weekly round of golf, journaling, recap

Week 6: Building the Swing Part 2 (Top of Swing)

  • Why the top of the swing matters
  • Your 1 focus for the week
  • Weekly round of golf, journaling, recap

Week 7: Building the Swing Part 3 (Transition)

  • Why the transition is so hard to execute
  • Why you’re coming over the top (hint: it’s in the transition)
  • Your 1 focus for the week
  • Weekly round of golf, journaling, recap

Week 8: Building the Swing Part 4 (Impact)

  • Is impact the only part of the swing that matters?
  • How do you practice impact anyways?
  • Your 1 focus for the week
  • Weekly round of golf, journaling, recap

Week 9: Review and Decompress

  • Review weeks 1-8
  • Strategize for upcoming weeks
  • Back to basics
  • Weekly round of golf, journaling, recap

Week 10: A Mental Game Framework

  • Why reading mental game books is not enough
  • Is visualization even helpful?
  • What to think about during your swing
  • Introduction to meditation and golf
  • Weekly round of golf, journaling, recap

Week 11: Getting to Know Your Game

  • Picking your battles: you can’t be good at everything in golf
  • Knowing your tendencies, and how to use this knowledge to your advantage on the range and the course
  • What is your practice style?
  • Weekly round of golf, journaling, recap

Week 12: The Final Week – Maintaining a Golf Game and Where to go from here

  • Why maintaining a golf game is harder than you think
  • How to keep your swing looking and feeling good
  • How to be a more consistent golfer
  • Review of entire course journaling exercise
  • Where to go next