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Let me start on this one by saying that this is my #1 most used tool during the winter months. Let me also start by saying that it’s not the best training tool on the market. It’s not going to make your tempo better, and it’s not going to really make your swing all that better.

Here’s why I use it a lot, am reviewing it, and recommending it on my site.

  1. The grip trainer is alone worth the price. I will literally sit in a chair watching HBO and go through the motion of gripping and re-gripping, gripping and re-gripping until I’m 4 episodes deep in Game of Thrones. Sure, it’s not the most focused practice, but c’mon, it’s better than watching Game of Thrones without a golf club in your hand? The weighting on the end of the club gives it just enough feedback to make this enjoyable exercise useful.
  2. Helps you practice your routine. You know that moment when you’re going through your entire pre-shot routine indoors, getting to the moment where you’re about to pull the trigger, and then remembering that you’re inside and if you take a full swing, you’re going to have a $1,000 problem when your club gets stuck in the ceiling? I don’t know about you, but there is nothing worse in my opinion. This training aid allows you to go through your routine and make that full swing without worrying about breaking everything.
  3. Practice your swing positions. The training aid is just long enough where you can practice positions of the golf swing in the mirror. I’ve spent a lot of time rehearsing my takeaway with this thing and it truly does help.

Again, this isn’t the most groundbreaking aid on the market, but for the price, it’s definitely worth having around the house.

SKLZ Golf Tempo Trainer


Tempo training


Grip training


Overall Swing Training


The good

  • Great for carrying around the house and using indoors
  • The grip is well constructed and trains your hands well

The bad

  • Swinging it doesn't feel like a real club
  • Doesn't really live up to its name
Personal practice plan