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Although all of my tutorials have material lists with links to them, I wanted to lay out a page that gives you an idea where all of these materials and clubs are coming from.

Where should I buy clubmaking supplies, shafts, grips, and other miscellaneous tools?

I primarily use Amazon and Golfworks for purchasing most of my supplies.  If I can find it on Amazon I always prefer that because of the fast shipping, but Golfworks is the full service golf repair site.

Where to buy used golf clubs for the cheapest price?

I buy nearly all of my clubs from Ebay.  Below is a quick video where I show you my technique for getting the best deals on clubs from Ebay.

Where do I go for information?

GolfWRX is a great source for information.  In fact, I learned many of the refinishing and clubmaking techniques from the forums on this site.  The only downside would be all of the chatter.  The forums are great if you know what you are looking for.  Otherwise, it is easy to get lost or find yourself with faulty information.

Golfworks also has some great information.  Here is a shaft size guide that I use all the time to find the diameter of different shafts so that I can fit them with the club head that I want to purchase.

Caswell Plating carries many of the metal refinishing materials (including stainless steel darkener) that I use.

Where do I purchase paints and needle tip paint bottles?

Amazon has all the Tamiya colors that you will ever need.  Be sure to buy the “clear” colors.  Unless I am paint-filling a black putter, I prefer to use these clear colors.

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