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Introduction to Golf Club Refinishing

Golf club refinishing is the art of taking an old, used golf club and turning it into a brand new piece of art.  Below are some of my own creations and I hope that as you create your projects you submit your photos to thediygolfer@gmail.com.  I will put them on this page with a link to your site if desired!

Click on one of the photos to enter slideshow and full-screen mode!

Got some sweet refinishing photos? Send an email to thediygolfer@gmail.com with the following information to be featured in the community refinishing gallery.

  1. Any attribution you would like (i.e. Instagram Handle)
  2. Your first name
  3. A link to your photo album (i.e. Google Photos, Dropbox)
  4. (Optional) Descriptions of each photo (how you did it)

Want to submit your own tutorial? Please see my tutorial submission guidelines.