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The name of this site is “The DIY Golfer”, and I take this motto very seriously.  I created the site, the content, and everything else you see.

That said, I never intend to go overboard with this motto as there are many things that you should leave to the professionals.  Sure, you could remove your driver shaft on your own and install a new one by yourself, but generally, I would recommend having a professional clubmaker who owns professional equipment do this task.  So if you’ve read content from this site long enough, you know that I try to strike a good balance between “doing it yourself” and seeking help from others.

But one thing that I felt very passionate about doing myself is building out a golf training platform.  I quite literally taught myself to code because I wanted to one day create my own golf training platform.  As a golfer myself, I often found golf software to be clunky and not truly built for a golfer.  With Eagle Eye Performance, I wanted to change that.  This app is built for a golfer, by a golfer.  I built this thing for myself–a tool that I could personally use to improve my own game.  And that is the metric I held myself against while building it, so I hope you find it as useful as I do.

Here are some of the things you can do with Eagle Eye Performance

  • Take my premium training courses (when they are open for registration) – Eagle Eye Performance is an online training platform with all the features you need to learn golf online
  • Track your statistics in multiple levels of detail – Enter your round stats from your phone or the computer in your chosen level of detail.  You may only care about the basic stats such as fairways hit, GIR, putts, and up and downs.  If you’re like me, you probably want to enter additional details such as what club you hit and from what location.
  • Analyze the most important stats – Most golf stats apps give you an insane amount of detail when analyzing your stats.  I believe in focus and simplicity, so that is what you will find in your stats dashboard.  You’ll see the most important stats and that’s it.
  • Compare your stats and filter your stats by round attributes – Not only can you compare your stats from one time period vs. a previous time period, but you can also filter your stats based on round types.  For example, you could easily see your stats for 9 hole rounds at your home course with a few clicks!

Start entering your stats today for FREE!

And by all means, if you have suggestions for how I can improve this training platform, drop me a line at thediygolfer@gmail.com

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