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scotty cameron orange paintfill

Basic Satin Finish

Although this is merely an extension of another tutorial, I thought I would create a separate page for the satin finish so that it doesn’t get glossed over.

Unlike the rest of the tutorials on the site, this one will not have a materials list, or a video.

This is because the “Satin” Finish, otherwise known as the “factory” finish for many putters is simply the process of the following 5 steps:

  1. Remove the clubhead from the shaft
  2. Remove the Nicks and Dings from the putter
  3. Beadblast with 80 grit glass beads (this is the same exact process as sandblasting, but with a different blasting media – see the sandblasting/beadblasting 101 tutorial for more help)
  4. Give it a nice looking paintfill
  5. Install the shaft

And that’s it! This is an extremely powerful technique that doesn’t require a whole lot of time or effort, but looks fantastic.

The following photos are examples of what you can achieve with this “satin” finish:

80 grit glass beadblasting beads golf putter

scotty cameron blue paintfill cherry dots

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